Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

Creating an accessible bathroom that caters to the needs of everyone in your home is not just a project, it’s a commitment to inclusivity and comfort, and our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the way.

Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms need to be an inclusive and accessible place for people of all bodies and abilities.

There may be some upgrades that need to be done in your bathroom to be accessible to all potential visitors.

You may have endured an injury or a loved one might have newly diagnosed mobility issues that need to be accommodated for in the bathroom.

Regardless of the circumstances, our team can find the best solution for your needs.




Slip-proof flooring

How Our Renovators Can Help

Accessibility upgrades in a bathroom are important, and we strive for perfection.

Before we get started on the upgrades, we will review the list of tasks that will be completed. We like to ensure that we are meeting all of your needs and that any extra details will be taken care of. Our team is fully trained and will complete the tasks flawlessly. Upon the completion of the upgrades, we will review everything with you as it is installed. We want to ensure that you are happy and fully satisfied with the result that we have produced for you. 

Handles and Supports

An important aspect of accessible bathroom upgrades is to have handles and bars in the right places to help individuals with stability. This can include a bar near the toilet to assist individuals sitting down or getting up. Also, support may be required in the shower or the bathroom to ensure that the individual can safely get in and out without hurting themselves. Regardless of the reason, our team is fully equipped to complete this critical work. We guarantee all of our accessible bathroom upgrades, and if there are ever any modifications required, our team can complete them for you.


The entryway into the bathroom needs to be wide enough to meet all accessibility needs. Also, there needs to be a sufficient amount of space around the toilet and the sink to accommodate mobility needs. Our team here at Bathroom Renovations Blacktown is fully trained in the appropriate dimensions that are required for accessible bathroom upgrades. Our attention to detail will ensure that anyone using the bathroom will feel independent and capable. Of course, the entryway for bath tubs and showers can be upgraded as well. Whatever you can think of for accessibility upgrades can be completed for you by our team.

Quality of Materials

Accessibility upgrades need to be durable and withstand a variety of uses over the years to come. One way that our team guarantees the lifespan of our upgrades is by using high-quality materials. We know that accessibility upgrades can be done cheaply, but we want to ensure that all of the upgrades that we complete are done thoughtfully and correctly. We use the best items to execute all of the upgrades that need to be done. Also, the team executes the work properly. At the end of the project, you get an accessible bathroom upgrade and professional service from the leading bathroom renovators in Blacktown.

Our Guarantee

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